Ryako, AKA Mel Ciriaco, will tell you herself that she is a weirdo.  She has been making music since 2007 and is so passionate about it that she just can't stop.  She has dabbled in all sorts of genres, enjoying each and every one, including electronica, trip-hop, opera, musical theater, orchestral/instrumental, metal, swing, and, of course, nerdcore.  She firmly believes that, in order to become a more well-rounded musician, singer, and producer, you have to be willing to venture out of your comfort zone and risk making mistakes.

She is overly attached to her cat, Queenie, swears like a sailor, and is quite bipolar.  Her interests are all over the place, but are predominantly about science fiction, cats, and other facets of geek and nerd subculture. She is an Asian-American-Belgian who has lived on three continents so far.  

She currently resides in Brugge, Belgium.